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This better house and garden website is designed to share ideas and to promote gardening at whatever level a person may be interested in.

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A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill
except for learning how to grow in rows.
–  Doug Larson

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Top Fiction Books – ideas for something to read & relax while sitting in your garden!

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Good gardening practices means more than just plants and lawns!
Good gardening means

      • value adding to a home’s equity
      • saving on costs
      • lower maintenance
      • water conservation
      • carbon reduction
      • exercise and healthy outdoor activity
      • complete use of a property’s potential
      • simply pleasure

Although we are not a nursery we do include a list of some online garden nurseries for your convenience.
I started gardening years ago initially as a means of ”just getting away from it all” – stress relief and just a break to relax. From there my interest grew as I learned more and eventually I changed careers and went landscape gardening full-time. My Special Interest is in rose gardening and being a bit old fashioned I also specialize in cottage gardens – believing that annuals not only give a garden loads of color, but ‘almost’ immediate gratification – in that they come into flower so much quicker than perennials. In addition, I am a great believer in having trees in a garden – no matter what its size – from small courtyards and balconies to half acre sized yards. There isFrontyard Garden a way! My Experience My experience has grown over the years – ranging from designing new gardens, re-furbishing older gardens, developing ideas for making gardens more eco-friendly and now I also now provide coaching for new gardeners – set up at whatever level and requirements the client needs.  

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